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The last time I was travelling with my chorus, I was having such a huge crush on one of the soprano’s. He was tall and thin and reminded me of my English professor. I knew Kyle was married and lived with his husband. The three of us had been friends for years. There was no way I would ever pressure him to cheat. But, I just couldn’t stop fantasizing that we were sharing a room on our tour in Province Town. Instead of do something I’d later regret, I called up my favorite sex phone chat line.

I described the fantasy and he got right to it. “Kyle” told me to meet him after practice and that we could find a few minutes to sneak away. It started after the long trying rehearsal, after the microphones were all positioned. Everyone had left for lunch. My clothes were already off and I only had on a towel, because I had just taken a shower. He walked toward me and told me to loose the towel. He comes in my room and pushes me on the bed. He knew I was a bottom. “Are you ready for a good hard fuck?” I had seen his cock when we went skinny dipping on vacation. But it was not hard then. Oh MY GOSH, that cock was BIG! He slapped my ass with it as I reached for the lube. He held me down and reached in his pocket and grabbed a condom. Safe sex is sexy. His strokes were hard and fast, it was so much hotter than I had imagined. Kyle told me how he always imagines fucking me when we’re on stage singing. I’ll be able to hit the high notes now. We had to grab out clothes and get ready for the show. He slipped out the door and no one even noticed.