With a free gay chatline, there is always the chance that eventually you will not only meet in person but that you will also get some sex out of the connections that you make. Sometimes, meeting up with someone will happen after the first or second conversation. Other times, people will take more time to get to know the other person before their first encounter. Regardless of your phone dating style, it can be fun to talk about turn-ons and other sex-related things. These conversations can make your first sexual experiences with that person more rewarding and more fun for everyone involved.

Starting a conversation about sex is sometimes simple, but other times it can be a little more difficult to do. Reading up on some ways to flirt can lead to a smooth transition from talking about life and interests to joking and talking about things that are a little bit more sexual in nature. If the conversation steers that way, go ahead and enjoy it. Asking questions of potential sexual partners about what turns them on is one way to learn a little bit more about what to try the first time sex happens between you.

Things that you can talk about include:

1. Boundaries

2. Turn-ons

3. STI’s and protection needs

4. Top, bottom, or both

5. Possibly even more detailed conversation

There are also some people on phone dating services that end up having amazing phone sex before ever meeting in person. Hearing another hot guy’s voice describing what they would do to you if you were together can be an incredible turn-on. Plus, the fantasy options are endless. There is something intimate about having conversations about sexual topics that can really get people going. Also, if you find yourself to be very sexually compatible over the phone, it is another great sign that maybe meeting up in person is a great idea.

Whatever you do talk about in relation to sexual fun, it is a good idea to be honest with what your needs, wants, and desires are. This will make for a better experience and help you find the hottest matches for you.