Sometimes you meet someone over the chat lines and you instantly like him and you may wonder how do I know if he’s into me? There are some signs that may indicate that he actually likes you too. Read this blog to understand what to look out for.

One basic thing to look out for is if your phone friend keeps his commitment to your scheduled dates. Does he often cancel last minute or is he excited and eager to speak with you?

Another indicator is how he answers the questions you ask him over the phone. Observe if he tells you things about his life or if he gives you simple one worded answers. Is he being active during your phone call by asking you questions and answering in acknowledgement? If he’s not he may not be into you or he may be tired or perhaps something else is going on in his life. You can observe him and over time you will realize what he is doing based upon his actions and responses. After some time, you can also be direct and ask your phone friend what he thinks about you and other personal questions to find out more about him.

Yet another indicator is to see how he responds you your jokes. Does he laugh? Does he have his own funny story to tell? You can tell if he likes you by simply seeing how he responds to you. If he is showing interest and taking an active part of the conversation, he is likely having a good time with you.

You can try to swing the conversation into phone sex and see how he responds. If he’s for it, perhaps he was just waiting for you to make the first move and maybe he was shy. Usually, if someone is spending time with you and continues to that’s an indication that they like you. So if your phone friend keeps making plans for future calls, it’s a good sign he’s into you.