Every once in a while you may get connected with a shy guy over the chat lines. Perhaps he’s new to the world of phone dating and doesn’t know how to yet fully express his desires. Shy guys need love too and even though it may take a little bit of time to get to know your shy phone date, it is usually 100 percent worth it. You can truly help him get comfortable with himself and others on the chat lines by slowly asking him questions and not being too pushy when he doesn’t want to share right away. Also, you can share your stories and interests with him to show him how to do it and give him an example of when you first started phone dating. Often you will find that shy people make for excellent listeners and he will likely feel good when you share a personal story.

One tip is to ask your new phone friend questions about things that interest him. By doing so he may feel more comfortable opening up because if he likes the subject that you’re asking him about he will likely feel it easier to open up about it. By asking questions that call for more than a yes or no answer, you give an opportunity for him to share. Don’t get upset if he doesn’t right away, with consistency he will likely feel comfortable to do so. Sometimes time can really help a shy guy open up. When he gets to know you a little better and if he likes you, it’s highly likely that he will eventually reveal things about himself.

You can also use humor to make the conversation lighter and therefore take the pressure off. If you have him laughing, it is a good sign that he is enjoying the telephone conversation with you.