Should you be new to the phone dating community, you may be unsure about what to talk with new phone pals. There are many ways to keep the conversation flowing with a new phone friend and this blog gives tips and suggestions on how to do so.

One way to keep the conversation going and flowing is to ask questions. By asking questions you get to find out new information about your phone friend. Use active listening skills to really make your new phone pal feel cared for and heard. By truly hearing others out on the chat lines, you can truly be in the moment and make strong connections. Active listening allows others to feel comfortable sharing with you and can make the other guy feel like he’s in the moment with you.

Another way to keep the conversation flowing with is to be open by sharing your own experiences, perspectives, and desires. Don’t be shy to let it all out. Talk about shared interests and see where your phone pal can relate to you. Should you find a mutual interest or hobby, great! You can expand the conversation about the thing you have in common and that can really call for longer conversations.

It’s also fun to be light with new phone pals by laughing with one another and having conversations that help you learn more about each other. It could be simple answers to questions like, “What is your favorite kind of food,” and “Where would you travel to if money weren’t a problem?” Questions like these are fun and allow you to go back and forth through banter of explaining your answers. It also opens the conversation to allow for creativity and imagination to be expressed in an easy and fun manner.

You could always keep the conversation going by trying out phone sex! Describe to your phone pal what’s hot to you and what you desire and see how he responds.