Are you new to the world of mobile phone dating and the gay men who are a part of the community? If so, this blog may be helpful and will offer some pointers on how to make your voice sound sexy. Before we get started, however, consider this rule of thumb, always be true to yourself. By doing so you will likely always know what to do no matter what situations you find yourself in and you will attract the right kind of man who is interested in you for exactly who you are. 

The chat lines are a fun and simple way to build new friendships and lovers. To get started, pick up your phone and dial into the chat lines and you'll be connected to a single guy who resides in your area. Once you're connected, have a conversation that reveals what you're looking for and asks open-ended questions to your new phone friend about his desires. If you're on the same page, great! 

You can use your voice to change the mood and often a topic of conversation. One recommendation is to never use an uptone while speaking. An uptone is when your voice or pitch goes higher and usually occurs at the end of a question or statement. It can make one look nervous and unconfident. So even if you are feeling a little nervous, remember to downtown and it will not be noticed by your phone pal. 

Another recommendation to consider is your word choices. What are you trying to communicate and how could you make it sound sexier? There are many ways to do this but the most efficient ways are to express what you're doing to yourself and what you would be doing to your phone lover if he was there with you. The more detailed you are, the more information you give your phone friend to use his imagination.