If a discreet encounter is one of the reasons that you are utilizing a free gay chatline, it is important to be upfront relatively early in the conversation. The basics are relatively simple. If you are looking to suck cock or fucked, you might be looking for a top. If you are looking to have your cocks sucked or to do the fucking, you might be looking for a bottom. Regardless of what you are looking for, communication is key to get the experience that you want.

Once you have decided what kind of sex fun you want, the next step is to figure out where the adventure will take place. Plenty of gay men like to rent hotel rooms, find places in public, or meet up with people at their homes. Be careful when deciding to meet up at anyone’s home, and make sure that someone knows exactly where you are going who you can check in with over the course of the night. If you prefer to meet someone once before having a discrete experience, pick a public place with a lot of people for a quick coffee and drink before heading to the final destination.

Now that you have a location to play at, there is one more step. Show up. Some people find it a turn on to think about some of the things that might happen over the course of the encounter. Even though it is a discrete encounter, foreplay can be an amazing addition to any sexual experience. Often times, people find that a little bit of playing with the hair or a head massage while making out can be a great place to start. Earlobes are very sensitive, and little nibbles and kisses on the neck are extremely sensual.

When it comes to making out, don’t just go all in… sometimes it can be a turn-on to kiss and tease (with your lips and tongue) to build a little sexual tension.

Using these tips can help you have the amazing gay sex experience you want and love. It doesn’t take long to communicate these things with the potential one-time fuck buddy or discreet encounter. Having these short conversations can make your phone dating encounter all the more pleasing for both of you.