Our service has many goals, but two of the most important are your safety and getting you amazing connections. One of the best ways to be safe is by selecting a friend or loved one to be your safety net. They will check up on you via text or phone and have the important information about your date.
When letting your safety net (the person that is checking in on you) know that you are going on a date, give them the contact information of the person you are going out with and let them know what time you are expecting to end the date so they can follow up on you after. Also, let them know where you are planning to head on the date and updates if that changes.
Another great plan is to arrange your own transportation plans. No matter how the nice the other people seem, it is smart to keep yourself safe all the way through the date. In addition, if you travel out of town to meet a potential partner, there is no need to let them know where it is you are staying. Eventually, after you know they are safe, you can take them back to your place, but treat phone dating like you would real life dating. Get to know people first.
Many professionals also recommend avoiding impulsive decisions when on a date with a new (or relatively new) person. If you get offers or invitations from your date, give a definite (or clear) yes or no in response. It’s important not to be paranoid, but to be safe. Gay phone dating is a great place to meet some of the best people out there. Its flexibility and time-saving qualities have hooked vast numbers of people up with their life partners and great sex. Time to get started.