Some people choose not to contact people with gay phone dating profiles that do not have a picture on their profile. In fact, people with a picture on the gay phone chat profile are a lot more likely to receive higher numbers of phone calls. Not only do you want a picture on your profile, there are some great tips to help you get the highest response rate:

Put Effort Into It

People generally don’t go around looking at bad pictures and thinking that the people in the pictures, even though they look like slobs, must be awesome in person. Wash your face and pick an outfit that looks good.

Selfies Are Overrated

Most everyone knows how to take a pretty good selfie, but selfies have been all over the place for years now. Instead, invite a friend over to help you take pictures and select the best ones. It is even better to talk your options out with a couple different people. With both pictures and written profiles, getting additional opinions is a great idea.

Pay Attention To Angles And Distance

There can be a lot of improvement in pictures just from changing the angles and distances of the camera for your shots. Taking pictures head on tends to give less flattering final pictures. Also, pay attention to the distance you are away from the camera. Profile pictures are about showing you, and if you are too far away the person looking at the picture will not be able to get any details about how you look.

Use A Recent Picture

That picture you love from four years ago might not look like what you do now. While we easily recognize ourselves, that number of years is a long time and you have likely changed visually. Being honest in your profile picture will increase the number of great in-person dating experiences you have on gay phone dating. After all, the goal for many people is to meet up with someone in person.

Last Words

Gay phone dating is a great way to meet people, and your profile picture is one of the first windows people will look into. Once you are talking on the phone with a hot gay single, you will be ready to snag them with your personality as well. Put your profile together and start having some gun today!