More and more people, especially celebrities are coming out as gay, lesbian, gender queer and all sorts of identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. For years these conversations were hushed but not anymore and this can be a great thing! But for those of us questions our sexual preferences and identities or gender identities we may need places where we can anonymously ask questions and get honest answers from real people. Anonymous mobile phone chat can be great for these types of conversations and questions!

There are thousands of amazing and open-minded individuals on your local chat lines. Some people just want to chat about their days and their opinions, they want to make friendships and connections with people. These would be the perfect chat lines to call into and ask whatever you need to ask.

There are also phone lines for the LGBTQ+ people. The people on these phone lines can help you explore your sexuality in more ways than one, they can talk you through different things and maybe once you hang up you will have more answers than you thought you would.

You can even try same-sex phone sex or group phone sex if you want to! Sexuality is about attraction, not action so if you try same-sex phone sex and it doesn’t tickle your pickle like you thought it would then you just hang up and move on to a phone line you know you will enjoy!