Engaging partners is not the most natural thing in the world for everyone right away. The average person spends a lot of time on the phone each year. To have the most success in the dating world, learning how to talk on the phone and present yourself in both accurate and appealing ways can be an essential first step. For gay phone dating, the conversation that you have with our sexy gay men is the only first impression that you are going to get.
Having engaging conversations on gay phone dating hotlines starts with a few simple steps:
1.    Bring value to the conversation
What this means is that when you call on the phone, it can be an excellent plan to have a few topics in mind to talk about. A simple hello, followed by silence, may make it seem like you have nothing to talk about. Make a plan. Whether it is your favorite show, movie, sport, or something exciting happening in your life, there are conversation starters all over the place. Another strategy is to show direct interest in something the other person has expressed to you or that is found on their profile. If there is something on their profile that stands out, take the time to research the latest about it. You can let the other person know that their profile got you interested in the topic, and you wanted to see what it was all about, for example.
2.    Think of things that might bring smiles
Instead of a simple hello, look to start conversations with questions that show you care about the other person's day. A simple one would be “How was your day?" This can open a conversation up that will likely come back to how your day was. Be attentive to what they are saying, and ask questions, but not in an overwhelming amount. When the conversation moves back to you, think about a few positives or fun stories to associate with your day. Even if they are minor positives, mixing them in can help bring a smile to the other person's face.
Get in the fast lane to scoring in-person dates, spread happiness, and always remember that dating is supposed to be fun.